The HP Indigo 6K needs no introduction and is at the top of the label game. Jobs with fine text, multi-SKU’s and vivid colours are a good match for this machine. Our Indigo 6K press has been fitted with two additional colours (ORANGE & VIOLET) to expand the colour gamut to produce the punch. Contact us for free samples of your artwork on this press.

Screen Truepress Jet L350UV+


This high-speed digital press is a true workhorse with outstanding flexibility. Running at speeds of 60 meters per minute, this monster eats medium to long run jobs for breakfast. With special lightfast and durable UV inks, this press is well suited for chemical/automotive labels made possible by the highly efficient print heads.

Edale FL3

This flexographic press is capable of running 6 colours + varnish in one pass at speeds of up to 200m per minute. The FL3 is made for the longer runs for when digital can’t quite cut it. Fitted with a turn-bar, this machine is well suited to produce long-run Peel & Reveal labels with ease. 


This machine is a state-of-the-art digital finishing machine. Traditional die cutting tools are not required for this machine, meaning lower costs on smaller runs. There are no limits to the creativity and we challenge our customers to push the machine to it’s limit!

ABG Digicon S3

The Digicon series 3 is arguably the best piece of converting equipment on the market. Fitted with a flexo, re-register lamination & high-speed screen printing unit, this machine is fully primed to produce high-spec labels with precision. 

Digicon LITE

The Digicon Lite is the Digicon 3’s little brother. This machine is mainly used for single ply labels which require the basic lamination or varnishing. With speeds up to 60mpm, it makes little work of big runs. 

Domino K600i

Created for long-run vairable data jobs. This machine can run at high speeds producing data labels via Inkjet technology. This machine is fitted onto a Daco converting base meaning the job can be run into final finished rolls.